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signs of the times


signs of the times


signs of the times


The purpose of this page is to bring to light news, information, and editorials regarding issues and events relevant to people around the world as it relates to the advancement of the Gospel and the life of those who follow it.  While it may seem to some that the issues discussed here hold concerns separate from faith and the Gospel, let us remind you that there is nothing that exist that has not emerged from the battle of spiritual evil against good.  Although some articles and editorials may span to a time much earlier than now, the context it speaks of still remains relevant today as revelation to emanating and progressive issues, that exist in the world and hallmarked the acts of discipleship found in individuals in their time.  Please know that these articles and resources, and materials are only recommended and not all of its content may be intended for viewing.  Please use caution in your use of them and certainly discontinue use of any links that do not provide the information implied by the subtitles provided and if you are willing, contact us at the email or address below regarding any links you experienced problems with.